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Inducted into the The Southern Legends Hall of Fame


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Losers Lounge, the Book





The Report, a new short movie from DL Sites was screened on March 10,  Indiana Actors Film Festival   and   screened at Bare Bones International Film Festival   





 Somewhere In Indiana Page   Reviews




Losers Lounge wins  Best  Narrative Film Noir  at the 5th Bare Bones International Film Festival   




Low budget independent films offer an exciting way to tell stories. With the new form of distribution visual art can be created and enjoyed by the masses. 

It has been my pleasure to have written and directed four movies working with some outstanding talent both on and off the camera. Ripple, my first critically acclaimed  movie, The Bumbling Detective, Welcome to Kentuckiana, and my first feature Losers Lounge. In 2004 I completed my second feature Somewhere In Indiana. I am currently  working with Award Winning screenwriter Chera Federle   on a script titled WLAC Nashville and I have written a script titled Doctor Evil Saves the World. Please watch the clips, read the scripts,  follow the links and enjoy life. To quote from one of my favorite plays 'Life is a banquet and most poor bastards are starving'

Don Boner with Camera NYC 2002

Don Boner with Camera  NYC 2002



Indiana Actors

A place for film and theater actors, screenplay writers, sound, lighting, special effect &  make-up artists, voice artists, music artists, crew,  authors, film editors, models & filmmakers to come together to find each other, share goals and gain exposure. It is also a great place for filmmakers looking for talent for
their projects to be!


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40 Years and Counting, everything you wanted to about Don Boner BUT were afraid to Ask!


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